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United States of America (USA, USA)

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"The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S. or US) or America, is ...
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AlabamaAlaskaAmherst County (Virginia)ArizonaArizona Gila CountyArizona Keen Mine Pinal CountyArizona Mammuth Pinal CountyArkansasAsti (Kalifornia)AtholBergen Hill New JerseyBergen Hill, N.J. New-Erie Rail Road Ct.Black HillsBoleo Santa Rosa (Kalifornia)Brancwille ConnectientBrooklynBurbankCalico (San Bernardino County, Kalifornia)CaliforniaCalumet (Michigan)Camp Floyd (Utah county, Utah)Carissa Mine (Utah)Chester (Massachusetts)Chesterfield (Massachussets)Churchill County (Nevada)CincinnatiClaremont New-HamphshireClevelandColoradoConnecticutCopper StopeCripple Creek (Colorado)Cumberland (Maryland)DakotaDehesa (San Diego City, Kalifornia)East Hartford (Connecticut)EdenvilleEdwards (New York állam)Ellsworth (Ohio)Engle mellett (Sierra County)Eureka Hill bánya (Juab County, Utah)Eureka Mine (Utah)Excelsior JuniorFannin County (Georgia, USA)FloridaFlorisant, El. Paso. County ColoradoFlorissant, Colorado USAFranklin (New-Jersey)Franklin Furnace (New Jersey)Franklin Furnace, New Jersey, Parker-SchaftFremont CountyGeorgiaGlobe (Arizóna)Goble (Oregon, Columbia County)Greenwich-USAHachita, Carton CountyHaddam (Connecticut)HawaiiHelvetia (Pima County)Henderson (Észak-Karolina)Henry (Lincoln County, Észak-Karolina)Here Mine (Leadville, Colorado)HillsdaleHollywoodIllinoisIndianaIndianapolisIowaJasperJersey CityKansasKentuckyKuiu-szigetLancaster (Pennsylvania)LattivoreLeesburgLenni (Delaware County, Pennsylvania)Libby (Lincoln County)Livermore (Alameda County, Kalifornia)Long BeachLorainLouisianaMagnet Cove (Arkansas, USA)Mammut bánya (Utah, Juab County)Mariposa County (Kalifornia)MarylandMassachusettsMcDowell County (Észak-Karolina)Metuchen (New Jersey, USA)Miami BeachMichiganMineolaMinnesotaMississippiMissouriMitchell County (Észak-Karolina)Mohawk Mine (Michigan)MonroeMontanaMontgomery (Ohio)NebraskaNevadaNew England (USA)New HampshireNew JerseyNew MexicoNew York StateNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOgdensburg (Sussex County, New Jersey)OhioOklahomaOrange County (New York állam)Orange County (North Carolina)Orange, New JerseyOregonOrgan (Új-Mexikó)Pala (Sandiego County, Kalifornia)Passaic County (New Jersey)Paterson (Passaic County, New-Jersey)Penna (Berks County)PennsylvaniaPortland (Middlesex County, Connecticut)Ragtown mellett (Nevada)Ramona (Kalifornia)Red Cloud Mine (La Paz County, Arizona)Rhode IslandRichardson (Utah)Rockport (Massachusetts)San Benito (Kalifornia)Sierra County (New Mexico)Silverton (Colorado)South CarolinaSouth DakotaSt. Lawrence County (New York állam)Summitville (Rio Grande County, Colorado)Swanton (Vermont, Franklin County)Telegraph Mine (Gilpin County, Colorado)Temecula (Kalifornia)TennesseeTexasTexas (Pennsylvania)Tiburon (Marin County)Uravan körzet, (Montrose County, Colorado)UtahVermilionVermontVirgin ValleyVirginiaWarwick (Orange County, New York)WashingtonWashington, D.C.Wells (Elko County)West Chesterfield (Hampshire County)WisconsinWood Mine (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)WyomingYacolt (Clark County)


Broad Street 18, (New York City)Second Avenue 1546, New York 10028


Searles LakeSonoma County (Kalifornia)prairieÉszak-Kalifornia


Manhattan-szigetRussel (New York)

Body of water

Oberer MissouriTombigbee River (Alabama)


Paradox Valley (Montrose County, Colorado)Pikes Peak (Colorado)Sterling Hill (New Jersey)Table Mountain (Colorado)Thomas RangeTwin Peaks (Millard County, Utah)
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