Hans Sebald Beham (1500-1550)

"Sebald Beham (1500–1550) was a German painter and printmaker, mainly known for his very small engravings. Born in Nuremberg, he spent the later part of his career in Frankfurt. He was one of the most important of the "Little Masters", the group of German artists making prints in the generation after Dürer.

His name is often given as Hans Sebald Beham, although there is no documentary evidence that he ever used this additional forename.

He produced approximately 252 engravings, 18 etchings and 1500 woodcuts, including woodcut book illustrations. He worked extensively on tiny, highly detailed, engravings, many as small as postage stamps, placing him in the German printmaking school known as the "Little Masters" from the size of their prints. These works he printed and published himself, while his much larger woodcuts were mostly commissioned work. The engravings found a ready market among German bourgeois collectors. He also made prints for use as playing cards and wallpaper." - ( 30.05.2020)

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20 Blatt Füllungen und Friese: Pauli 227-236, 238-241, 245, 247, 252-255.20 Blatt Füllungen und Friese: Pauli 227-236, 238-241, 245, 247, 252-255.4 Blatt Pokale bzw. DoppelpokalJungbrunnen und BadehausSplendor Solis oder Sonnenglanz - Philosophischer BaumSplendor Solis oder Sonnenglanz - Hermaphrodit
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Painted Hans Sebald Beham (1500-1550)
Painted Pencz, Georg

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