Cunigunde of Luxembourg (980-1033)

"Saint Cunigunde of Luxembourg, OSB (c. 975 – 3 March 1040), also called Cunegundes, Cunegunda, and Cunegonda and, in Latin, Cunegundis or Kinigundis, was Empress of the Holy Roman Empire by marriage to Holy Roman Emperor Saint Henry II. She served as interim Regent after the death of her spouse in 1024. She is a Roman Catholic saint and the Patroness of Luxembourg and Lithuania; her feast day is 3 March." - ( 31.01.2020)

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Bamberg: Johann Georg II. Fuchs von Dornheim
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Was depicted (Actor) Cunigunde of Luxembourg (980-1033)
Created Conrad Stutz
Was depicted (Actor) / Commissioned Johann Georg II. Fuchs von Dornheim (1586-1633)

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