Louis Oppenheim (1879-1936)

"Born in Coburg, Oppenheim studied in London from 1899 to 1906. He moved to Berlin and started his work as a graphic artist in 1910, signing his work with his initials, "LO" and working for clients such as AES, the Reichsbahn, Persil and Adrema. His posters are considered a significant product of the ´Berlin poster style´. Oppenheim worked for the type foundry Berthold and created a handful of significant and widespread typefaces, all of which share modernist characteristics, such as Lo-Type and Fanfare which are still in wide use today. Also, he designed the first coin of the Weimar Republic in 1919." - ( 12.11.2019)

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Ideal. Seidel und NaumannKleidung für Sport und Reise. S. AdamDer erste Monat deutsche Westoffensive!VaterlandsspendeWer Kriegsanleihe zeichnetDie beste Sparkasse: Kriegsanleihe!
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Intellectual creation Louis Oppenheim (1879-1936)

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