Carl Flemming Verlag

Verlag in Glogau/Berlin, 1932 aufgelöst

Objects and visualizations

Relations to objects

Wissen ist MachtTöchteralbum. 62. Band. Neue Folge 19. BandAusstellung "Nordland" Berlin-Halensee "Lappenmutter und Kind in Wiege"Töchteralbum. 32. BandTöchteralbum. 57. Band. Neue Folge 14Töchteralbum. 27. Band
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Relations to actor

This actor (left) is related to objects with which other actors (right) are related to

Printed Carl Flemming Verlag
Intellectual creation Hans Lindenstaedt (Grafiker)

Published Carl Flemming Verlag
[Relation to person or institution] Samen (Volk)

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Relations to time periods

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