Hermann Halleur (1818-1866)

Missionar der Basler Missionsgesellschaft in Westafrika. Nachgewiesen für 1846.

"Missionar in Westafrika und Indien; zeitweise Direktor der Gewerbeschule in Bochum, Mitbegründer der Universität von Kalkutta" -, 29.10.2019

"... In 1842, the Home Committee selected the newly minted missionaries, Thompson, Johann Georg Widmann (1814 – 1876) and the assistant missionary, Hermann Halleur to go to the then British and Danish-controlled West Indies to recruit black Moravian Christians. On 28 May 1842, Andreas Riis and his wife, Anna Wolters, Widmann and Thompson left Basel for the British leeward island of Antigua in the West Indies via Gravesend and Liverpool for the recruitment exercise while Halleur was sent to the Gold Coast to prepare for the logistics for the arrival of the West Indians. ..." - Wikipedia (en) über George Peter Thompson, 03.09.2019

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