Hans-Joachim Koloß (1938-2013)

"Dr. Hans-Joachim Koloss was born in Königsberg, East Prussia, in 1938. His father was an estate manager. In 1945 the family had to leave its homeland and eventually settled near Oldenburg in the northwest of Germany. In 1959 Koloss finished high school in Delmenhorst near Bremen. Due to his growing interest in sociocultural matters Koloss began to study anthropology, prehistory and geography at Göttingen University, where he also attended courses in philosophy. At the Institute for Cultural and Social Anthropology Günther Spannaus, Hans Plischke and Erhard Schlesier were, among others, his teachers. During his studies Koloss acquired a broad survey of anthropological and historical facts and theories. West Africa became his special regional field of research. In 1967 he graduated and became an assistant in Göttingen for one year." -, 14.08.2019

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Kopfaufsatzmaske, BüffelkopfKamKopfaufsatzmaske, menschlicher KopfKopfaufsatzmaske, menschliches GesichtKopfaufsatzmaske, ElefantKopfaufsatzmaske, menschlicher Kopf
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