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Fritz Noetling (1857-1928)

"Dt. Geologe u. Kunstsammler, Hofrat (seit 1907), lebte 1906-1919 in Tasmanien, 1908-1918 australischer Staatsbürger" - gnd, 06.01.2019

Über Fritz Noetling und Theodor Heinrich Thomann schreibt Hans-Bernd Zöllner: "The core of the Burma collections of the Berlin and Hamburg Museums of Ethnology originate from what these two men took from Burma and shipped to Germany. Noetling was persuaded to collect pieces from Pagan and other places in Burma by Fedor Jagor, a friend of the Berlin Museum whom he met in Calcutta. He expected as a reward for his services an Imperial decoration, and indeed received such on the intervention of Adolf Bastian. Noetling should otherwise be remembered as the first scientist who did research on the geology of Burma and as the author of a fine account of Burmese measures, including a fair translation of King Bodawpaya’s edict on the surveyor’s measure." - Zöllner, Hans-Bernd, "Germans in Burma, 1837-1945" in The Journal of Burma Studies, Volume 7, pp. 29-69, Zitat von S. 45

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Collected Fritz Noetling (1857-1928)
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