Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio (1467-1516)

"Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio (or Beltraffio) (1466 or 1467 – 1516) was an Italian painter of the High Renaissance from Lombardy, who worked in the studio of Leonardo da Vinci. Boltraffio and Bernardino Luini are the strongest artistic personalities to emerge from Leonardo´s studio. According to Giorgio Vasari, he was of an aristocratic family and was born in Milan." - ( 10.06.2020)

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Maria mit dem KindeMaria mit dem KindDie Auferstehung Christi mit HeiligenMaria mit dem KindDie Heilige BarbaraGewandstudie für die "Madonna Litta"
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Painted Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio (1467-1516)
Was depicted (Actor) Jesus Christ (-4-30)
Was depicted (Actor) Virgin Mary
Was depicted (Actor) Saint Barbara (-306)

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