Francesco di Bosio Zaganelli (ca. 1480-1532)

"Francesco da Cotignola (c. 1475-1532), also called Zaganelli (Italian pronunciation: ), was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period, active mainly in Parma and Ravenna. He was a pupil of the painter Niccolo Rondinelli. He painted for Basilica of Sant´Apollinare in Classe near Ravenna, Faenza, and Parma. His brother, Bernardino, was also a painter, but nowhere as successful as what Francesco was able to do. He was likely also family of Girolamo Marchesi da Cotignola." - (Wikipedia (en) 18.01.2019)

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Der Heilige Stephanus; Der Heilige Mauritius (2 Tafeln)Madonna mit dem Kind und musizierenden Engeln
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Painted Francesco di Bosio Zaganelli (ca. 1480-1532)
Was depicted (Actor) Stephen (1-40)
Was depicted (Actor) Saint Maurice

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