Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945)

"Käthe Kollwitz, née Schmidt (German pronunciation: [kɛːtə kɔlvɪt͡s]; 8 July 1867 – 22 April 1945), was a German artist who worked with painting, printmaking (including etching, lithography and woodcuts) and sculpture. Her most famous art cycles, including The Weavers and The Peasant War, depict the effects of poverty, hunger and war on the work class. Despite the realism of her early works, her art is now more closely associated with Expressionism. Kollwitz was the first woman to not only be elected to the Prussian Academy of Arts but to also receive honorary professor status." - ( 19.11.2019)

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De Överlevande. Krig mot Kriget!In der Sprechstunde des KinderarztesBewaffnung in einem GewölbeBrustbild einer Arbeiterfrau mit blauem TuchDrei Köpfe: Mann, Frau und KindSturm. Blatt 5 aus: "Ein Weberaufstand"
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Was depicted (Actor) Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945)
Intellectual creation Reinhart Heinsdorff (1923-2002)

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