Mirja de Vries

Photographer & Designer,
Mirja de Vries born in Amsterdam where she also works and lives.
In 1974 she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy with a degree in Graphic Design and Photography.
Since 1975 she has had the privilege of photographing many rare, famous, and some of the most unusual Teddies from private collections.
She became more and more fascinated with Teddy Bears, especially old Teds who had experienced life to the fullest, and began photographing them in all their favorite cosy places.
The result of this initial work was a book entitled "De Knuffels"(The Cuddles) with text by Paul Haenen published by Meulenhoff, Amsterdam in 1980. ..." -, 11.08.2018

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Einladung zum Weihnachtstee
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Image taken Mirja de Vries

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