Frank A. Rinehart (1861-1928)

"Frank Albert Rinehart (February 12, 1861–December 17, 1928) was an American artist famous for his photography capturing Native American personalities and scenes, especially portrait settings of leaders and members of the delegations who attended the 1898 Indian Congress in Omaha." - (Wikipedia (en) 02.01.2019)

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Leonard Family Chiricahua Apache 1899Josh Chief San Carlos Apaches 1898Geronimo Guiyatle Apache 1898Bony Tela San Carlos - Apaches- Hattie Tom Chiricahua 1898Bartelda Apache 1899Positiv, SW
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Image taken Frank A. Rinehart (1861-1928)
[Relation to person or institution] Chiricahua
[Relation to person or institution] Apache

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