"The Pai Tavytera are an indigenous people of Paraguay and Brazil. They primarily live in Amambay Department in Paraguay and the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The Pai Tavytera are also known as the Ava, Caaguá, Caingua, Caiwá, Kaa'wa, Kainguá, Kaiowá, Kaiwá, Kayova, Montese, Paï, Paï-Cayuä, Paï-Tavyterä, Paingua, Pan, and Tavytera people. "Paï-Tavytera" is an arbitrary name given to northern Guaraní people of eastern Paraguay. They are closely related to the Guarani-Kaiowá people of Brazil. " - (Wikipedia (en) 02.06.2019)

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Kinder vor einer Hütte der Kainguá-IndianerHütte der Kainguá-IndianerKainguá-IndianerKainguá-IndianerKainguá-IndianerKainguá-Kazike
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