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Chamacoco (Volk)

The Chamacoco people (Ishír) are an indigenous people of Paraguay. Some also live in Brazil

The Chamacoco have two major divisions, the Ebytoso, who lived along the Paraguay River, and the Tomáraho, who traditionally lived in the forests. The Ebytoso converted to Christianity, while the Tomáraho have lived in marginal areas in order to preserve their traditional world views and lifeways. In the 1980s the Instituto Nacional del Indigena (INDI) resettled the Tomáraho in a community called Puerto Esperanza with the Ebytoso.
The Chamacoco are also known as the Ishiro, Yshiro, Jeywo, Yshyro, Xamicoco, Xamacoco, or Yshyr people. Their autonym is Ishír.[1][2] The term ɨshɨr (also spelled Ishir or Yshyr) properly means ’person’, but now is also used with the meaning of ’indigenous’ in opposition to the Paraguayan people, who are called Maro. -(wikipedia 16.11.2018) (

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